New Shipping Rates

Viking Brewers now offer Free Shipping. Please see our Shipping Rates Page for more details.

Shipping Rates

We have launched a new shipping structure, thanks to the guys and girls from The Courier Guy.

National Shipping Rates:

  • 0 – 5kg – R74.75 inc VAT
  • 6 – 25kg – R138 inc VAT
  • R6.90 inc VAT per KG therafter

Local Shipping Rates (Cape Town Metro):

  • 0 – 5kg – R79.35 inc VAT
  • 5 – 30kg – R97.75 inc VAT
  • R3.45 inc VAT per KG thereafter

How does shipping rate calculations work?

In contrary to popular believe, shipping rates are not calculated solely by weight, but by a volumetric calculation.

“Calculation: Height X Width X Length / 4000 = KG”

If the parcel that we are sending to you measures 23cm X 15cm X 23cm then the weight will be calculated at 1.98kg, but if the weight of this parcel is heavier than 1.98kg, then they will calculate the shipping cost based on the actual weight.

How are Viking Brewers adjusting to these changes?

Viking Brewers will cover HALF of your shipping on all orders over R1000 and will offer FREE shipping on all national orders over R2000.

For customers in the Western Cape City Metropole, we will cover HALF of your shipping on all orders over R500 and offer FREE shipping on all orders over R1000.

So, this is then how We will help you Brew, Bru.