Where does Morgan’s come from?

Established in Brisbane, Queensland, Australia in 1989, Morgan’s Brewing Company quickly became one of the worlds leading manufacturers of home brew concentrates.

Morgan’s reputation for outstanding quality products has seen the product range grow from just a handful of beer kits twenty-five years ago to a range of over 20 beer kits as well as yeasts, cleaning & sanitising products and the popular Master Malts Range.

Lead by the flagship Blue Mountain Lager, Morgan’s beer kits have become synonymous the world over with superior brewing products for those that understand the difference between a good beer and a great beer.

On July 18, 2014 Morgan’s will celebrate it’s 25th birthday – quite an achievement for a small, Aussie business that kicked off with just a name and a handful of great recipes!

What is Extract Beer Cans?

Somewhere in Australia, an expert brew master makes a humongous batch of wort. This wort is then reduced to a sticky syrup called extract. It is then packaged and pasteurized to be sent around the world for beer lovers and home brewers to rehydrate it back to a 23L batch of unfermented beer.

Does the beer cans come with yeast?

Yes, it certainly does. Pop the lid off the can and you will find a silver packet of yeast ready to work.

Why should I buy a Morgan’s Starter Kit?

The Morgan’s Premium Starter Kit contains everything you need to make your own premium beer at home. It consists of the highest quality products available on the market and is priced affordably in comparison to its competitors. No need to buy bottles or cappers when you buy this kit, just replace your brews.

Why should I sanitize everything that comes into contact with the beer?

Yeast is a living organism, an much like humans, can also be infected with bacteria. When this happens, you lose your beer and no home brewers wants to lose a beer. Sanitize everything…. twice if in doubt!!!!

Do I have to use Carbonation Drops?

No, you don’t, but it does make bottling and carbonation very easy and saves on time. You can use table sugar or dextrose to carbonate your beer, but be sure that you do not over prime!!! You will create a ceiling rocket!!!

How does in-store collections work?

Easy, you purchase online and make an appointment for collection in the “Make an Appointment” field after you receive the notification that your order is ready for collection.

Do you offer in-store shopping?

We do, but are usually very busy with preparing orders. If you would like to visit our physical store please drop us a mail at info@vikingbrewers.co.za.